Rules Regulations

Mulamoottil Central School

Code of Conduct for the students of MCS

  1. The campus language is English. Punctuality and regularity in attendance are essential. All the students must reach the school well in time.
  2. A vigilant outlook should be maintained towards keeping the surroundings clean. Any waste paper should be picked up and thrown into the dustbin.
  3. Habitual negligence of school work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, insubordination or other such acts of misconduct will be severely dealt with.
  4. It is compulsory for every child to participate in all the competitions or exhibitions scheduled in the school. Failure to participate will result in your child losing the opportunity to participate in the annual day program, scholarship exam and other cultural activities. The school expects each child to develop public speaking skills and will rigorously enforce this rule.
  5. Each child must develop and exhibit a matured, respectful attitude to the opposite gender. Any misbehaviour out of tune with Indian cultural values will be dealt with seriously and may result in suspension/expulsion.
  6. Carrying mobile phones, cameras or any other recording device or digital device is banned in school. Any child found having these items will be suspended/expelled.
  7. CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc. are not to be brought to school. Offenders will be punished severely. If any objectionable material is found, the student will be dismissed from the school.
  8. Bullying other children or causing bodily(and/or mental) harm to any fellow student will be viewed seriously. MCS is a strict “no bullying” and “no ragging” school.
  9. A student must extend due courtesy and respect to all members of staff. Respect for elders and affection for the juniors should be soundly inculcated. Refinement in behaviour should distinguish every student of the school. Every child is expected to uphold the name and honour of the school.


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