Learn Innovate & Lead

Mulamoottil Central School

At MCS, we are educating the students and shaping them to face the challenges that would come in 2050. These are challenging times, and we are prepared to face them head-on without affecting the future of your children. In this new age digital world, we are taking your child’s education to the digital world for their uninterrupted education. Times are tough, but we won’t let that become a hindrance to your child’s future.

Learning Made Knowledgeable

  • Traditional values: Of respecting the environment and promoting social harmony.
  • Global village: An academic program designed to prepare the children for a successful life and global career.

Learning Made Enriching

  • Highly qualified teachers to ensure students have the best educational experience.
  • Responsible education of the students to make them ready for future challenges and jobs that are not conceivable at present.
  • MCS follows the mantra of Learn-Innovate-Lead. Students are adequately prepared to lead society into the unforeseen challenges that the future holds.


Holistic education for your child in the lap of nature

Mulamoottil Central School
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Mulamoottil Central School