Founder's Message

Mulamoottil Central School

The idea for Mulamoottil Central School came from a search to find the perfect school.

In our vision, the perfect school had to have:

  • A healthy respect for tradition, culture and nature
  • A vision towards the creation of true leaders for society
  • A program for social change that targets the family through the child
  • The most expansive and greenest campus
  • Lovely orchards and gardens teeming with life
  • An impressive curriculum that focuses on learning rather than examinations
  • Code of conduct that is a blueprint for a leader that society can look up to
  • Comfortable classrooms with all modern teaching material
  • Phonetics-based early language learning

Since this was a difficult search, we opted for the easy route: Create the perfect school that matches our vision.

When we look at the school now, we are truly thankful that we had the honour and privilege to create something remarkable.

Our campus is one that closely mirrors our vision.

It is expansive and green. Research shows that children nurtured in such environments have a smaller amygdala in the brain.

This results in them being calmer and less agitable thereby making them better human beings & better learners.

Our policy of taking children from Kindergarten all the way till class 10 with very few entrants in between enables us to control and coordinate the education at all levels. It is quite heart-warming to see our high school children respect the kindergarten teachers and equally pleasing to note that junior-school teachers know each high-school child by name. This is the foundation of our heritage.

It is easy to spot a child from MCS in a crowd. The child will be calm & good-mannered, display great leadership & knowledge, have a healthy respect for nature & tradition and above all, the child has the courage to be always truthful & honourable.

This is truly reflected in our code of conduct (Truth, Honour, Courage).


Holistic education for your child in the lap of nature

Mulamoottil Central School
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Mulamoottil Central School