Little Genius


Learning made fun!

  • Emphasis will be on the awakening of a child’s natural curiosity and providing a joyful learning experience.

Learning made natural!

  • Letterland system (a system derived from phonetics adapted to teaching the English alphabet) is followed from playschool till UKG.
  • Children learn English through this system in addition to the conventional way.
  • The school has its own textbooks for English and Mathematics.
  • Mathematics will focus on concepts, logic etc. Learning through ‘fun’ will be key here rather than “tutoring”.
  • The curriculum will include learning of science through themes like “vegetable day”, “animal week”, “colour day”, etc.
  • Parental participation in educational programs will be encouraged.
  • The school will conduct assessments but would not encourage competitive exams and tests until high school.
  • Homework may be in the form of specific projects that the parent can help the child with.

Learning made joyful!

  • “Well-body” concept - Children can play outdoor games in our school park. The area features outdoor toys like slides, merry go round, sandpit, seesaw etc.
  • Healthy eyes - Adequate greenery and flowering plants are present on the campus to stimulate the growing child’s vision.
  • “One with nature” concept - Opportunity to engage in vegetable farming and livestock. Children are encouraged to plant seeds, observe germination, care for the plants and fruits, feed poultry etc.
  • Swimming pool - For kindergarten and primary school. All swimming and safety accessories provided. Facility open only to MCS pupils.
  • Indoor arena - For basketball, taekwondo, badminton exclusively for MCS-ites.
  • Indoor games – Facilities for games like badminton, table tennis, etc. are also provided.

Learning made caring!

  • Fully tiled rooms to ensure relatively clean surroundings for your child.
  • Smart TV in all classrooms for the screening of educational videos and interactive sessions.
  • Airy rooms with good ventilation and fans & lightings.
  • Only 20-25 kids per class to ensure individual attention to each child.
  • Walls are specially painted with allergy-free material.
  • Clean drinking water facilities at many locations across campus.
  • Clean toilets to ensure your child’s health.
  • Playschool equipped with air-conditioning units for your child’s sleeping needs.
  • Excellent reading material for your child’s learning and intellectual improvement. Every child will have ample opportunity to develop a love for reading and books.
  • Music will play a dominant part in the curriculum. All efforts will be made to encourage every child to learn any musical instrument over the course of the academic progression.

Discovering the world!

  • The school will organize tours to places of historical, artistic and educational interest.
  • Visits to poultry farms, paddy fields, aquariums etc. would be regularly conducted as a part of the academic curriculum.
  • Regular participation in interschool competitions at different venues will broaden the horizons.
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